How can Treasure-Search keep coming up with prizes to offer?

It's because we're putting you together with those who want you to have a look at their site.
And, if they wish, they can make sure that their zip-code matches ones in their surrounding areas.
That way, they can make sure you see things that are relevant to where you live.

So, when you enter your zip-code, if a someone has requested that it's really important to them that treasure-searchers in a geographical area (defined by zip-codes) see their site, then we help them out.

It is important then, that you enter your real and correct zip-code.
If/when you go to redeem a prize, if your mailing address (which you'll have to provide only at that time) doesn't match the zip-code you enter here, then, unfortunately, that will invalidate your prize !! (See the rules pages.)

So, you help us out, and we'll make sure you get the prizes you're trying to win.

Good luck!