How to play at

It's really pretty simple.

  1. Once you login, you are presented with 'trivia' questions: 4 multiple-choice answers, and 2 additional options, either to get a hint, or to skip this question and go on to another one.
  2. Each week, you can try to correctly get the answers to 20 questions (after that, you have to wait until the next week to try for more.)
  3. For each right answer, you get 10 pts (see the points page)
  4. For each wrong answer, or if you skip this quesiton you get 0 pts (duh!)
  5. If you'd like a hint, you'll be given a link to a web-page where the answer can be found, but if you then return and choose the right answer, you only get 3 points !
  6. There are also prizes (ye-ha).
  7. Keep an eye on your point total; when you've accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for a ticket! (you can redeem points for more than 1 ticket per week if you wish)
  8. Each week, we'll generate a random number; the matching ticket wins that prize!
  9. Each week's drawing is done on Sunday; and covers tickets obtained from the previous Sunday (12:00am Sunday morning) through the day before the drawing (i.e. through Saturday 11:59pm)
  10. The winning ticket number will be posted on Monday of each week.
  11. The winning ticket holder must contact us via email within 2 weeks from the Monday the winning ticket is posted; if we are not contacted, the prize will go back into the inventory and the winning ticket will be void.
  12. In the email, the winner must provide
  13. Note, you'll also have to keep an eye on the prize page, cause once a stock of prizes is gone, they're gone, so you'll have to keep stayin smart & get the right answers, don'tcha know.

Here's an example of how things 'should' work.

Let's say I have enough points to redeem a ticket for a '200 pt. prize', and a '500 pt. prize' (doesn't matter what the prizes are for this example; i.e. I'd have to have at least 700 points to get these two tickets.)
I "redeem" 200 pts for the first ticket, and provide a number of my choice. I do the same for the 500-pt prize.
If on Sunday (let's say Sunday falls on the 1st of the month) one of these two ticket numbers matches the randomly generated winning ticket, then on Monday (in our example, the 2nd of the month), I would have two weeks (i.e. through Sunday the 15th in this example) to email with my username, ticket #, and real-name and address.
(no PO Boxes!!)
(see rules above).
We'll then send you your prize! (note also the limit of 1 prize per household per week.)

Hope that helps; if you have any questions or suggestions, please do let us know. Thanks! and have fun!